Did you know that pepper has become a symbol of wealth, power, success and even fertility? There were even wars over them, because pepper was more valuable than gold for a long time!

Peppers originate from southwest India and have been cultivated for millennia. This is the most important, influential and valued spice in human history!

We believe that PEPPER casual clothes will become a symbol of your success!

In the production of PEPPER casual wear, we use only sustainable, high-quality, certified materials, from which we lovingly make modern casual suits for men and women!

UNISEX leisure sets, OVERSIZED T-shirts, trousers and jumpers - you can find even more leisure goods in PEPPER physical stores and online!

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Outlet Park in Vilnius: Verkių st. 31C

Kaunas PC Molas: Baršauska 66A

V. Kudirkos 3 in Marijampolė.


Before buying, you can always ask for exact product measurements and other relevant questions, thus we will reduce the probability of returns and at the same time protect nature. 🌳

Pick up the products for free in physical stores and try them on, and if they don't fit, you can immediately return or exchange for other products for free!

Outlet Park in Vilnius : Verkių st. 31C

Kaunas PC Molas: Baršauska 66A

V. Kudirkos 3 in Marijampolė .


FREE - with a purchase of €100 or more!

The customer is informed about the fact that the order has reached the postal machine by an SMS message, which indicates the postal machine's door code, the postal machine's address and the storage period.
Post machines are the most convenient way of delivery, as there is no need to coordinate the delivery time with the courier. They are open 24 hours and are located near the entrances of the main malls.

DELIVERY BY COURIER (1-3 days) - €4.99.

FREE - with a purchase of €100 or more!


DELIVERY OUTSIDE EUROPE (7-14 days) - €19.90

FREE - with a purchase of €199 or more!

You will receive the tracking code after we ship the item.

After entering the package code in the package tracking box at www.post.lt , you will be able to track the location of the package.

If you have additional questions, write to us at: pepper@brandstudio.lt or call: +370 677 61 388


Unused items are available return within 14 days of receipt. Product labels or packaging must not be removed or otherwise damaged (this does not apply to defective products).

Returns can be made in the following ways:

1. Free to the physical store.

2. through the Omniva post machine 2 € (does not apply to low-quality goods).

In both cases, it is necessary to fill out the electronic return form:

  1. Fill out the electronic product return form
  2. Now with the received return code, you can return the package at your convenient Omniva post machine.
  3. In the main menu of the postmat screen, select "Return parcel"
  4. Enter the return code, print the sticker and stick it on.
  5. Place the package in the postal machine and close the door.

Money is returned within 1-5 days. from the day of receiving the goods.

To exchange an item, return it and place a new order. Goods for free You can return/exchange (10:00 - 19:00) in physical stores:

in Vilnius Outlet Park: Verkių st. 31C

in Kaunas PC Molas: Baršauska 66A

in Marijampole V. Kudirkos 3.


Company name: MB PEPPER BRAND,

company code: 306269576,

Company registration address: A. Kulviečio str. 7, LT-87301 Telšiai.


+370 677 61 388

About us


One day, when I already had a network of clothing stores, I unexpectedly asked my grandmother what her parents did in life, and then I found out that even four generations of my family are already involved in the production and sale of clothes! At that moment, I understood why I had been interested in this craft since childhood.

Great-grandfathers were tailors: my great-aunt sewed clothes for women, and my great-grandfather - for men. My grandmother also had this passion for clothes, and after this story, I realized that it was necessary to continue traditions and without waiting for anything, I opened the first store of Pepper Brand Studio in Vilnius, in the town of Ogmias.

After a few months, we already had our first PEPPER leisure suits, and the most surprising thing is that from the first day, customers chose them more often than the clothes of the world's most famous manufacturers!

Maybe because Pepper has long become a symbol of wealth, power, great success and even fertility! There were even wars because of them, because for a long time it was more valuable than even gold...

We have all products in physical stores:

in Vilnius Outlet Park: Verkių st. 31C

in Kaunas PC Molas: Baršauska 66A

in Marijampole V. Kudirkos 3.

We are always waiting for your order, which we will immediately pack and send. We will take care of the shipping costs.

Sustainability is important to us, so we carefully select each product to be stylish, high-quality and long-lasting.

That's not all.

We are in favor of sustainability, so in our physical stores we offer our customers bags for a second life free of charge, nurture forests and support local businesses by producing the highest quality PEPPER - Lithuanian brand products from sustainable cotton, thereby contributing to the future and sustainability of Lithuania.



Do you want to give the employees of your company uniform t-shirts, leisure suits, jackets, raincoats, backpacks, computer cases or other high-quality goods from our store? Send a request: pepper@brandstudio.lt

Pepper Brand Studio

Outlet Park in Vilnius: Verkių st. 31C

Kaunas PC Molas: Baršauska 66A

V. Kudirkos 3 in Marijampolė.