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Fast delivery

Before buying, you can always ask for exact product measurements and other relevant questions, thus we will reduce the probability of returns and at the same time protect nature. 🌳

Pick up the products for free in physical stores and try them on, and if they don't fit, you can immediately return or exchange for other products for free!

Outlet Park in Vilnius : Verkių st. 31C

Kaunas PC Molas: Baršauska 66A

V. Kudirkos 3 in Marijampolė .


FREE - with a purchase of €100 or more!

The customer is informed about the fact that the order has reached the postal machine by an SMS message, which indicates the postal machine's door code, the postal machine's address and the storage period.
Post machines are the most convenient way of delivery, as there is no need to coordinate the delivery time with the courier. They are open 24 hours and are located near the entrances of the main malls.

DELIVERY BY COURIER (1-3 days) - €4.99.

FREE - with a purchase of €100 or more!


DELIVERY OUTSIDE EUROPE (7-14 days) - €19.90

FREE - with a purchase of €199 or more!

You will receive the tracking code after we ship the item.

After entering the package code in the package tracking box at , you will be able to track the location of the package.

If you have additional questions, write to us at: or call: +370 677 61 388

Easy returns

You can return missing goods in Lithuania within 14 days. from the day of delivery of the goods for free in our physical stores or through the Omniva postal machine (€2 will be deducted from the refunded amount).

To exchange an item, return it and place a new order. Goods for free you can return/exchange (10:00 - 19:00) in physical stores:

in Vilnius Outlet Park: Verkių st. 31C

in Kaunas PC Molas: Baršauska 66A

in Marijampole V. Kudirkos 3.

Return via postal machine:

  1. If you bought online, get the return code by filling out the electronic product return form (otherwise we will not be able to process your return).
  2. Now with the received return code, you can return the package at your convenient Omniva post machine.
  3. In the main menu of the postmat screen, select "Return parcel"
  4. Enter the return code, print the sticker and stick it on.
  5. Place the package in the postal machine and close the door.

Returning goods through postal machines is the most convenient way to return goods, because postal machines work 24/7 and you can place the package at the most convenient time for you.

Money is returned within 1-5 days. from the day of receiving the goods.

Non-returnable goods: underwear, socks, watches, cosmetics.

As provided for in Article 6.22811 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania CC. 3. The seller is not obliged to reimburse the user for additional costs incurred as a result of the user choosing the cheapest delivery method other than the one offered by the entrepreneur (via postal machines). Taking this into account, in the event that you chose not the cheapest delivery method (postal machine), but delivery via Courier, when returning a quality product, you will not be refunded the additional costs incurred due to the fact that you chose a different than the cheapest delivery method offered.

2-year quality guarantee

By cooperating with the manufacturers of the world's most famous brands and their official representatives, we ensure the highest quality and authenticity of all goods. All products come with a 2-year statutory warranty.

100% saugus atsiskaitymas

Greitai, saugiai ir paprastai galite atsiskaityti debetine/kreditine kortele arba per MakeCommerce (lietuviška el.bankininkystės platforma, kurios pagalba galėsite pasirinkti savo banką ir per jį apmokėti - Swedbank, Seb, Luminor ir kiti).

Visi atsiskaitymai vyksta per bankus, yra užkoduoti ir 100% saugūs, mes niekada nematome Jūsų duomenų.

Kaip pasirinkti tinkamą dydį?

Kviečiame atvykti į fizines parduotuves ir pasimatuoti vietoje, o jei neturite galimybės atvykti ir norite išsirinkti tinkamiausią dydį, kviečiame peržiūrėti gaminio Išmatavimus prekės aprašymo skiltyje, o jei nerasite ar turėsite papildomų klausimų, prašome susiekti su mumis - mielai padėsime išsirinkti Jums tinkamiausią dydį.

  • Waterproof
  • Not over inflated
  • Easy and convenient
  • Ensures air circulation
  • Composition: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating
  • Style: Casual
  • The fabric is water resistant (up to 4000 mm)

    RAINS is a contemporary raincoat and accessories brand that creates waterproof raincoats to all the people of the world. With a distinctive Scandinavian style, RAINS takes an approach of simplicity, originality and durability. RAINS believes that proper rain gear is a must be the price for acceptable price. RAINS clothing, handbags and accessories are designed to withstand the stormiest weather, keeping in mind the current trends of today.

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